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WEATHER: wall to wall sunshine, very light breeze. 17C

Just can't believe these nice sunny days we are having in November, unprecedented so they tell me. We decided to make to the most it and went for one of our favourite walks - Uplyme to Lyme Regis along the river Lim to the beach.

The air was dead still in the sheltered valley of the Lim, but not many birds were stirring: wer did see lots of common garden species and a small flock Long-tailed Tits with a couple of Goldcrests. On the outward journey we saw only two Grey Wagtails on the river with no sign of a Dipper.

a view of the Cobb and Harbour from the Gardens above the beach at Lyme Regis

After eating our lunch-treat, fish n chips in the small memorial park, we walked up the steep high street and entered the large gardens above the beach and the prom.

The tide was very low and I never had much hope of seeing Purple Sandpipers at the Cobb, but as luck would have it a dozen or so flew up from the distant rocks and landed just below me. ha! such luck!!

Purple Sandpiper - taken through my binoculars with my phone

After feasting myself on these uncommon winter visitors we walked back along the beach and sat at the 'Kiosk' drinking lovely coffee watching the world go by. 

On the return journey we saw more Grey Wagtails and a Dipper at last. Ther Dipper was fairly close but, by the time I got bins at the ready with my phone held up to the eyepiece the bird got bored and flew off down stream.

It was now getting chilly and the light began to fade so we went back to the car and drove home, it had been a beautiful November day and one to remember! Lest we forget!