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WEATHER: very windy with light rain 

Dawn and I have a few days of relaxation before the autumn tours commence, I needed to recce some sites in Cornwall so we decided to drive down there and stay for a few days, based in Camborne. We left home at 9am and took a steady drive down, it rained all the way and the traffic queues along the A30 near Redruth were quite long. The 'new' dual carriageway, which is supposed to be completed by December 2023 is nowhere near completion, so if you are travelling down anytime soon allow an extra hour for the journey.

Hell's Mouth Cove - if you look carefully you can pick out one or two seals in the rocky area

We visited the 40 acre woodland at Pendarves, just to recce the site, it was too windy to see anything in the trees but the lake produced a few common species, there is good potential there.

After that we drove towards Godrevy and Gwithian to check out the car parking situation. A brief stop was made at Hell's Mouth where a short walk produced some wonderful scenic views of the rugged coastline and many Grey Seals on the beach.

the only flying insect I saw was this day-flying Moth - The Silver-Y Moth

After checking into our hotel during mid-afternoon we drove down to Marizion Marsh, uncommon migrants seen there recently including Woodchat Shrike, Purple Heron and Eurasian Hoopoe. We looked for all three and only came up with the latter. Once again it was very windy with light drizzling rain. We saw Little Egret, Common Stonechat a few gulls and not much else.

The Rabbit and the Hoopoe

the Hoopoe scaring the Rabbit off - it must have called Hoop-Boooo!!!!

this Little Egret caught something but I couldn't see what it was?

we searched the scrub at Marizion Marsh for the Shrike but only found Stonechats

It strated to get gloomy around 5:30pm so we drove back to Camborne to our hotel and prepared for dinner, which was taken in the pub/restaurant next door.