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WEATHER:  hot, sunny all afternoon, 30C

We all arrived safely and on time at Banjul on two separate flights. Lamin our guide was there to meet us, he guided us to our bus for the journey to the hotel. It was hot, over 30C!

Red-billed Hornbill

From the airport apron we logged our first bird, Cattle Egret and from the car park we added Hooded Vulture, Yellow-billed Kite, Spectacled Pigeon, Barn Swallow, House Sparrow and Lesser Blue-eared Glossy Starling.

The journey to the hotel was delayed because we made several stops to see roadside species such as; Wattled Lapwing, Namaqua Dove, Vinaceous Dove, Laughing Dove, White-billed Buffalo Weaver and lots more Vultures.

Lesser Blue-eared Glossy Starling

Once we had settled in our rooms at the Senegambia Hotel we went for a walk in the lush grounds which was alive with bird calls and movement. On the main lawn we saw Red-billed Hornbill, White-crowned Robin-chat, Red-billed Firefinch and a large mixed flock of both Lesser and Greater Blue-eared Starlings, Grey Plantain-eater and an Olive Sunbird were seen in the trees. Green Vervet and Red Colobus Monkeys roamed the gardens and some extra bird species were seen by individuals in the group, these included Blue-breasted Kingfisher, Common Gonolek and African Thrush.

White-crowned Robin-chat

A brief sea-watch produced Caspian and Lesser-crested Terns and not much else.

A tired group ate dinner at 7pm out on the terrace in a lovely evening temperature, we all went to bed early.