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A lot has happened over the last couple of weeks. Bird migration has started and is gaining momentum daily.

Since my last blog of July 7th we have visited the river 7 times, walked to the Castle 12 times, walked around the Punta Umbria once and today I visited my favourite track near San Pablo.

Flocks of swifts are gathering each day over the village and will soon be gone, I see both Short-toed and Booted Eagles in inceasing numbers drifting over the village and groups of Black Kites drift high over us daily. Flock of noisy Bee-eaters can heard most days as zoom over the village to Genal Valley and on to the coast.

The Castle walk involves a steep climb from the end of our street, Dawn and I go up there on alternate mornings when it is cool. Se manages six climbs whilst I struggle with three. At the top the views are tremendous and for some reason mixed flocks of Common and Pallid Swifts congregate along the eastern wall of the castle. Perhaps lots of insects emerge from there as the sun rises and warms the wall?

Here are some of Dawn's pictures taken during the walk up to the Castle



At the river more and more warbler sightings are made, especially Chiffchaffs, but I haven't seen a single sandpiper yet, we usually see both Common and Green Sandpipers usuing the rivers on their migration and many of them stay in the area for the whole of the winter.


Our river picnics are usually taken at the weekend, Sunday being our favourite time. Last Sunday we went to the Bridge at El Colmenar whilst other vists to the river have been to Estacion Cortes where we sit under our favourite tree. The last visits there we were joined by friends from the village.