The sun came out at last, so Dawn and I went down to the coast for a few hours..............................

From Stoford near Yeovil in Somerset we have to drive through a tiny part of Devon to get to Lyme Regis in Dorset. The sunshine made the countryside even more beautiful. In Devon we passed Lambert's Castle ( an Iron-Age Hill Fort) which sits on a high point enshrouded in a beautiful Beech Tree woodland before dropping down to the coast.

Lyme Regis was busy with day trippers and you can see why, it is stunning! We met up with Dawn's sister and a couple of her friends who joined us for a lovely pub-lunch.


We walked out onto the 'Cobb' (the harbour wall and breakwater), no-one knows where the name came from - but it provides a great winter haunt for the PURPLE SANDPIPER. Sure enough we found one on a small beach area next to the Cobb as well as several Rock Pipits and a Ruddy Turnstone.

                                  ROCK PIPIT

                                  several pictures of PURPLE SANDPIPER  and RUDDY TURNSTONE