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WEATHER (in Morocco) - wall to wall sunshine, 22C

We stepped off the plane into a balmy temperature and great light, what a lovely change from the last few weeks of dismal weather at home!

We heard House Bunting singing in the terminal building and we saw a bunch of 5 Common Bulbuls flying over the car park. After we checked into the hotel we took a stroll along the road outside and listed a few  more species: Wood Pigeon, Feral Pigeon, Collared Dove, Blackbird, House Sparrow and a pair of lovely House Buntings.

such a bright anmd colourful arrivals hall in Menara Airport, Marrakech

On the edge of a small park we sat on concrete benches and watched Bulbuls and Pigeons coming down to wash in a small fountain pool. We saw dozens of Swifts flying over, quite high to begin with, but much lower later, we identified Little, Pallid and Common Swifts. A single dark morph Booted Eagle circled on the thermals with the snow-laden, high peaks of the atlas mountains in the background. 

the snow-capped Atlas Mountains

A Willow Warbler flitteld about in the tree just above us and more Bulbuls started to call as we left. 

House Bunting

I then returned to Airport on two more occasions to collect the last remaining members of our group, it was 8:30pm by the time the last two checked-in. I was shattered having been up since 3:45 am. Good NIght.