It is with great sadness and deep sorrow that I have inform you that Roy passed away yesterday. For the last 12 years Roy has gone through a lot since his bone transplant treatment for leukemia. His immune system has been very poor since then because of the prescribed drugs.

On June 23rd Roy became a father for the second time to a beautiful little girl and in early July he was diagnosed with cancer of the mouth. After an 8 hour operation during which most of his lower jaw was removed Roy began to recover. Unfortunately infection set in and Roy was not strong enough to pull through.

Roy........ a great bird guide with a vast depth of knowledge of Costa Rican birds, he had a deep passion and love for his country and all of its wildlife. He was also a brilliant artist and photographer, many of his paintings are hanging on walls in homes world wide. I will miss his sense of humour, he was always quick to smile and my heart goes out to his young family that he has left behind.

Muchas gracias Roy for all the great trips we had together.