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 A beautiful country with fantastic wildlife with many endemic species to look for. For a small island  (65,000 sq km) the variety of mammals is staggering, 126 species have been recorded with another 12 introduced. Of the 234 breeding birds of Sri Lankan, 34 of them are endemic!
Sri Lanka is a great trip, nice and relaxed, (my wife has been with me twice and considering she is not a birder she loved it both times and would go back again). I work with a local ground agency with whom I have worked with for over 10 years now. Apart from around 230-250 bird species you will see a good number of mammals, reptiles, butterflies and interesting insects too.
Painted Sawtooth Butterfly
Jacobin Cuckoo
the endemic Sri Lankan Hanging Parrot
searching for wildlife in the forest
The climate is tropical with some tropical rain showers and the lodges we use are comfortable with good food. They are well placed so that we can often walk from them to the our birding locations. 
the very common Oriental Magpie-Robin
In 2024 we plan to arrive in Colombo a day early and transfer to beautiful lodge where we can relax, acclimatise and prepare for our tour. The flights are direct from London to Colombo, we arrive around midday, our agent will collect us from the airport and transfer us to a beautoful lodge in readiness for an early start the next day. There will be tine for a walk in the beautiful grounds.
a typical bungalow at the lodges where we stay - this is Hibiscus Lodge
Southern Coucal
Brown Wood-Owl
the highly sought-after endemic - Sri Lankan Blue Magpie  (taken by Nigel Bleaken in 2020)
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