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WEATHER: overcast and windy, some light rain. Temp 10C

I chanced a walk into Yeo Valley during this wet and windy morning, it was 9am when I left home. The stream was in flood mode, I couldn’t believe how high the water level had risen.

Having the stream in flood was bad news for me because I had left my wild-life camera strapped to a tree by the side of the stream. It was at least 2 meters above the normal water level but when I got there it was submerged, Doh!! Although it is rain-proof I am pretty sure that when I can finally retrieve it, it will be broken forever, ouch!!

What a surprise - another picture of a Siskin!!

I never saw many species at all during the walk but a flock of Siskins kept me entertained for a while and I did see a Raven, a Buzzard being mobbed by Jackdaws and Rooks. A few Goldfinches flew around as did a flock of Chaffinches, I never walked the complete route around to the River Yeo or Rook’s Hill because I turned around at the hawthorn hedge.

Great Spotted Woodpecker taken in my garden

The walk had produced very little so I spent an hour or so watching my feeders from my garden bench. The usual suspects appeared in sequence, the Great Spotted Woodpeckers dominated the sunflower heart feeder. I also watched Nuthatches, Blue and Great Tits, Robin, Blackbird, Dunnock, Chaffinch and Goldfinches.