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WEATHER: wall to wall sunshine for yet another day!! But very cold with a light ground frost. 

I went out a little earlier than usual and was entering the walk into the valley at 7am. It was cold, my hands were freezing within minutes. Despite going out earlier and with such lovely weather conditions, I didn't see much at all, it was very quiet.

At the Nuthatch nest all was fine no more damage, it does really look as though the Woodp[eckers have given up because it has been three days since they caused any damage to the nest hole. Fingers crossed the saga is over. The Nuthatches were around the nest so I think all is well with them.

the food plant of the Orange-Tip Butterfly is the Cuckoo Flower.

I never saw an Otter or a Kingfisher and not many Blackcaps or Chiffchaffs were singing and for the second day running I never saw a single butterfly. I stopped at the first Treecreeper nest site and tried to get a better picture of one of them entering the nest, but as you can see I wasn't very successful.

Treecreeper enetring it nest with nesting material

One sighting of some interest was that of a Moorhen, this bird quickly disappeared but it was the first sighting I have had of this species in the Yeo Valley (if you remember I saw two near Clifton Maybank and two more on the Lake at Barwick House). 


I heard the usual Song Thrush, Green Woodpecker, Blackcaps and also Linnets, a single Chiffchaff and Pheasants.

Grey Wagtail

I did manage to photograph a Grey Wagtail and not much else, the cold drove me home early, I was glad to get back in the warm and a nice cup of coffee.