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WEATHER: a lovely bright start that lasted 1 hour then rain

Well, it had to happen sometime or other and we have been so lucky for the last 30 odd days, but it rained today. Some of you may like to call me a whimp (especially Nigel Bleaken) because I headed off home as soon as I felt the first rain drops and perhaps I did run prematurely but I wasn't dresssed for a down pour.

At 6am it was lovely, just getting light and there was a lot of blue sky out there but the you could see the rain clouds coming from the south. 

The lovely blue sky that confronted me as I walked northward along the track into the Yeo Valley,

The very dark clouds heading my way

The very dark clouds heading my way from the south at 7:45am as it began to rain.

During my hour long walk I saw two Green Woodpeckers both of which were quite near to the Nuthatch nest site but I might add that the Nuthatch nest remains intact. I also saw a Mole, yes a Mole. As I walked along the edge of the stream I saw a mole hill moving!! The Mole popped out of the top for a very brief moment and as soon as I moved a single millimeter he shot back out of sight.

The most interesting thing that I saw today was the Common Kingfisher, why you might ask? Well I'll tell you. It wasn't just because it was a Kingfisher per se, it was because I saw it fly out of a hole in the bank of the stream. It wasn't just any old hole, it was the hole I had been watching for the last three weeks and the one that I had suspected was its current nest hole. So now I had proof, and now I know that in the future I will be able to sit on the bank and wait for my chance of a photograph.

To make things a little easier for myself I climbed down the bank and pushed a perching stick into the sand bank near to the nest hole for the Kingfisher to use and especially for when the fledglings leave the nest.

It started to rain at that point,  so I turned around and headed for home. Dawn couldn't believe I was back so soon nor could she believe that I actually went out in the first place. Let's hope tomorrow is a little better.