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A short trip down memory lane - in the sunshine of the fabulous GAMBIA


During  two tours over 3 weeks in Nov and dec 2010 we logged 62 species of butterflies and during that time I filmed several of them.

Shown below is a series of photographs and a 9 minute video of just a few of them.

African Tiger

Tiny Orange-tip

Narrow-banded Green swallowtail

White Lady Swallowtail 


Golden Pansy


Cream-Bordered Charaxes

Clouded Flat

Elegant Acraea


Soldier Pansy (photo by Sandra Woodruff)

African Caper White
There was also a massive migration of Caper Whites, African Caper Whites and African Emigrants. These three species were seen in their tens-of-thousands everyday. During the evening you could stand on the beach and watch an unbeleiveable number of Caper Whites flying north over the sea, it was spectacular, we estimated that 100,000 butterflies were flyinmg past every hour!!!!!
click here for a link to a 9 minute video on youtube:
unfortunately the tour to the GAMBIA for 2020 has been cancelled becuase of the COVID-19 Pandemic but the trip is rescheduled for 2021, if you would like further details please contact me: