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DAY 3 - 11TH OCT (Dawn's Birthday)

I couldn't go birding on my wife's Birthday, could I? So, we spent most of yesterday visiting nice places, museums, art galleries, (you wouldn't believe the number of old 'masters' that Yale University own, they have an incredible collection). We had a lovely lunch and a wonderful Italian dinner with family and friends - a fantastic day during which we sang 'Happy Birthday' to Dawn three times!

DAY 4 - 12TH OCT

Our good friends John & Mary from Allentown, Pennsylvania came over yesterday to celebrate with Dawn and today they joined Sophie, Dawn and me for another walk to East Rock.

We saw Northern Mockingbird, Osprey, Turkey Vultures, House Sparrows, Starlings and American Robins on the way to Mill River.

a record shot of the Mockingbird 

At the River Mill we saw Mallards, Blue Jays, Belted Kingfisher, Great Blue Heron and more vultures.

We never quite made it to East Rock our progress was slow and enjoyable but we came to a complete stop at a large open area of manicured lawns with a collection of mature trees. One Juniper was covered in berries and several birds were feeding there.

I know they are very common but they are a cracking species to watch - American Robin 

A couple of birds were fly-catching and a party of Yellow-rumped Warbler passed through the trees.

Eastern Phoebe

a record shot of a Great-crested Flycatcher